What does the Ostend House of Economy do?

What do we do?

What do we do?

Our non-profit organization House of Economy Ostend has a number of specific assignments:

  • Assist every entrepreneur (small as well as large enterprises such as Daikin Europe) with a problem, a question or suggestion through the one-stop-shop function.

We keep a close eye on every file which is handed to us (by companies) until there is an answer or solution. Our goal is to provide pragmatic answers to any question from any company as quickly as possible. We collaborate closely with the urban administration and other authorities/administrations..

  • Attract new businesses

The House of Economy is responsible for the sale and management of the business parks of the industrial area “Plassendale”. At the same time we develop new business areas such as “Kromme Elleboog” and support existing companies by expanding the Plassendale service to all other business parks.

The House of Economy supports private developments of business zones, including Global Indus on the Proviron site and Ostend Stores Business Park. It also stimulates new projects in the social economy that are supportive to other companies in the region as well.

Ostend is a strategical hub par excellence: it has its own seaport (Port of Ostend) and the largest airport in Flanders (Ostend-Bruges International Airport)

The seaport of Ostend possesses several advantages: roll-on/roll-off connections with container port and space for general cargo, car ferries, a fishing port and yacht basins, a cruise port, a new energy hub and dozens of fallow hecatres of industrial zones with a wide range of possible uses. More info: www.portofoostende.be

The airport of Ostend is the largest in Flanders, with a mix of international transport flights on the one hand and tour operator charters on the other. Tourists winging their way to the sunny climes of Southern Europe are increasingly realising that Ostend is the easiest airport for parking and the fastest for checking in. More info: www.ostendbruges-airport.com

  • Establish more offices for liberal professions, service companies and public services

The House of Economy convinces companies and governments to decentralize and to come to Ostend. Too many people from the Ostend region spend hours in the traffic jams to reach their places of employment while they can easily work in their own city. Less stress, less environmental pollution and fewer traffic accidents are strong arguments. Ostend is a fantastic office city with extensive shopping and catering facilities for those who work there.

  • Oostende @ Work

The House of Economy, the Ostend Port, Ostend City and the public employment service of Flanders are the driving forces behind an intensive employment plan for the Ostend region. The aim is to fill vacancies on the labour market quickly and efficiently through very concrete projects. The job marketeers on the one hand ensure better contact between companies and job-seekers. On the other hand, job-seekers are encouraged to re-orientate themselves on the labour market.
  • Innovation pool

Ostend is the first city in the North-West of Flanders with an incubator program for innovative startups. Our goal is to support 10 innovative companies each year with a starter package worth EUR 20,000. The contents of this support is not uniform, it can be different for every starting innovative company. The value of the starter package is uniform: 20,000 EUR. Each year, an independent jury selects ten startups who will benefit from this starter package.
  • Ostend is a leading shopping city

The shops in our city centre are always open on Sundays and national holidays, the mix of chain stores and local retailers (who set themselves apart with their creativity), the urban renewal, the enormous supply of eateries and of course the beach, makes the city of Ostend a must-see among the Belgian shopping cities. Our City Manager will provide new impulses in the shopping process in the years to come.
  • Offer support to merchant's associations

Merchant’s associations “Belle Epoque”, “Mariakerke” & “Vuurtorenwijk” receive support from the House of Economy to set up campaigns, attract new customers and place their neighbourhood on the Ostend map.
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